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First I went to a cheaper private investigator with no results. This was a lesson learned in you pay for what you get. Chris and his team are worth every penny. He not only delivered results the first day on the job but he gave me valuable advice on how to deal with what seemed like a hopeless situation. Thank you Chris!! I would highly recommend Magnum Investigations before considering any other private investigator!

Joanne I.

After reading some of the other reviews I’ve decided to speak from my heart with a review about Chris Halscheid and his company, Magnum Investigations.  I hired this man to reveal the ugly truths that brought evidence and closure to my marital situation.  Not only did Chris provide everything I needed, he went above and beyond to go the extra mile producing more than I had requested.  The character and professionalism of Chris is driven by his passion to uncover the ugly truths of wrong doers.  Chris is an extremley compassionate man who counseled me through every step of the painfully revealing investigation.  I can’t thank him enough for his abundance of patience and compassion to my well being.  He treated me as if I was a member of his family.  I consider Chris a true friend now.  For anyone seeking discovery to suspicious marital activities, I am highly recommending Chris and his services.

Robert Wayne

I highly recommend Magnum Investigations. From start to finish, they were extremely professional, discreet and attentive to all of my needs. They assisted me in a time of great difficulty and provided the advice and assistance I needed.

Stephen A.

The Magnum team was very understanding to my situation. They took the time to get a full understanding of my needs and provided excellent planning and coordination. They were very professional and provide prompt feedback. I highly recommend Magnum Investigations.


I hired Chris after reading the Princeton article. He was extremely thorough in planning for the investigation and because of that it was successful. He definitely knows what he’s doing – I recommend him.


I was so tired and drained when I called your agency for help. I had no one to turn to; I was embarrassed to tell my family and suspicious of my best friend. I literally felt like I was going crazy. I knew my husband was cheating on me but I did not know how to prove it. I gave him every opportunity to tell me the truth; but he kept denying it. I worked full time and had two small children so I had no time to find out myself so I decided to hire your company. From the initial consultation I immediately felt not so alone. You really provided me with the comfort and support I needed and assured me you would find out what my husband was up to. Although the news was difficult to accept, I was grateful that I had the proof; I wasn’t crazy after all. He was cheating and it was with my best friend! More important than providing me with the evidence I needed, I just wanted to thank you for caring. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to comfort me when I had no one else to talk to.

Melissa – Rumson, NJ

…I was very frustrated. Before retaining your services I hired another company; needless to say I spent thousand of dollars and received nothing in return. Not even a Report! I was told; “she wasn’t doing anything”. I was very reluctant to ever hire a Private Investigator again after that experience. However, the warning signs continued to grow and I was at my wits end. I explained my situation to you and you were just as disgusted as I was over how I was treated by the first investigation agency. Your agency was very professional and accommodating. You returned every call within minutes, you provided me with detailed reports and video, but most importantly you caught my wife cheating. My only mistake was not hiring you from the onset. Thank you.

Grant – Princeton, NJ

…..I was completely devastated because I knew that my ex-husband was abusing alcohol during times he had visitation of our daughter Sarah. When I went to court the judge didn’t do anything because it was my word against his. My attorney suggested that I hire a private investigator and provided me with your number. I researched your company and soon learned that you are the only company in New Jersey that appears to specialize in Child Custody Investigations. Although you were far from me I wanted the best so I hired your company. Within four weeks you provided me with more evidence than I ever thought I would get. You even found things that I didn’t know he was doing. I took the evidence to my attorney and we went back to court. The judge ordered my ex-husband to undergo random testing and he had to prove that he was getting treatment for his alcoholism before he could continue seeing Sarah. The good news is that my-ex husband did get the help he needed and has been sober for 9-months. My daughter gets to see her father and I no longer worry that she is going to get hurt. I appreciate all that you have done. I don’t even want to think what could have happened if I never hired your company.

Ellen – Parsippany, NJ

The sad reality is that New Jersey needs to revamp their system. In 2004 I utilized your services and you caught my wife cheating. Despite the fact that she, for all intents and purposes, ended the marriage via stepping outside of our marriage, I was ordered by the court to pay her $12,500each month in Alimony…the system sucks! In any event, I knew she was living with another man despite the fact that the settlement agreement dictated that if she “co-habitates with another man Alimony shall be reduced or revoked”. I immediately retained your services again and sure enough my ex-wife had a new boyfriend who was sleeping at her house three to four times a week. They thought they were clever because her boyfriend had a townhouse in his name and when we went to court she testified that her boyfriend did not live with her and provided his address as the location he lives. The judge did not buy it. The end result is that my Alimony was reduced by $7000 per month. Hiring your agency was by far the best money I have ever spent. I recouped the cost of the investigation in a matter of weeks. It is a shame that there are many other people who are presently in the situation I was in because the simply don’t know any better. Thay are paying money each month that they otherwise wouldn’t have to if they were able to prove co-habitation. Those people probably don’t even know that they could have their Alimony reduced or eliminated if they hire an investigative agency to prove co-habitation….

Rocco – Bridgewater, NJ

…I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. Your company is truly amazing. You provided me with answers to questions I’ve had for years. You always made the time to talk with me whenever I had a concern or question. You explained everything to me in a caring manner. I have referred your services to three people so far and I will continue to do so. This is the first time in a long time that I feel I have Peace. I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I wasn’t provided with the proof you gave me.

Suzanne – Lambertville, NJ

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