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Our agency is the only company who offers a service designed specifically for those individuals who need to ensure the utmost confidentiality due to the fact that they are well know to the public. This service is completely tailored for Politicians, Athletes, Celebrities, or anyone else that may be concerned about anyone knowing that you have a need for such services. We provide this service nationwide and have provided such services to many individuals who you might know. When a high-profile individual needs investigative services they turn to us. If you do research you will soon learn that we are the only company that has recognized the need for such services but more importantly our investigators are specifically trained to handle such cases.

Our investigators understand your special needs and we are committed to providing you with the Peace of Mind of knowing that we will handle the problem. There is no need for embarrassment or fear of anyone finding out that you hired us. We have a safeguard in place of ensuring that the only people that know that you hired us are you and the owner of the company. Even the investigators will not know your identity because once you retain us you are assigned a special code and the investigators will only know the case via the code. Also, other investigators/personnel not directly related to this case will not even know the code thus providing another layer of protection to ensure your confidentiality.

You will receive personalized and customized attention and will deal with the owner of the company from the commencement of the investigation until the completion.

I personally guarantee that your case will be kept completely confidential and you should have no fear or worry about any information being “leaked out”. You would be astounded by the number of individuals that take advantage of our VIP Service.

– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

(888) 293-1966
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