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Computer Forensic Examination

Do you suspect that your spouse has been using the computer to communicate with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend? In an overwhelming 72% of all affairs the cheater utilizes the computer as a vehicle to facilitate the affair. Some cheaters take extra precautions to attempt to destroy any evidence that you might find that would be able to link them to the affair. However what the great majority of people do not realize is that in most cases even if the information was deleted it can still be forensically recovered from the computer’s hard-drive.

This service is worth its weight in gold!  It is almost like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the past.  Suddenly things will make sense because all of the pieces of the puzzle will finally fall into place.

– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

Please do not fall victim of those internet claims of recovering such information. Often software products can either damage the computer or at best recover a small portion of the data on the hard drive thus leaving important information behind. Our forensic technicians are Certified Computer Forensic Examiners. This is a unique certification and there are only a couple of agencies that have in-house personnel who are certified and we are one of those agencies. Most companies will sub-contract companies as ours to provide the Computer Forensic Examination leaving you with the impression that they provided the service. Other companies will purchase software for $95 and claim that they can provide this service and either damage your computer or leave you with a false indication that they conducted a thorough forensic examination.

If you want to be certain that you maximize your chances of recovering any and all data left behind on the hard-drive then you need to hire a company that not only is certified but also has the specialized expertise needed for success.

This service is offered Nationwide; you can mail the CPU/Laptop, we can come to you, or you can come to us. We make it very convenient for you.

How the Computer Forensic Examination Works

All we need is the laptop or CPU (the tower without the monitor or cables), we will copy the hard-drive and then we will take the copy back to our forensic laboratory and conduct forensic examination. The examination, however, could take anywhere from one to three days and your results will be mailed to you on a CD. Don’t worry if the computer is password protected because we can bypass it.

Three ways to have your computer forensically examined:

  • Onsite examination: we can come to a location of your choice (home, place of businesses, etc.) and copy the hard-drive. We will then bring the copy to our laboratory and conduct the forensic examination. Results will be mailed within one to three business days.
  • You can bring the computer (laptop/CPU) to a location that is convenient for you and this agency (parking lot, highway rest-stop, etc.) We have mobile equipment that affords us the luxury of making a copy of your hard-drive right inside of our forensically equipped van. We will then take the copy to our forensic laboratory and conduct the examination. Results will be mailed within one to three business days.
  • You can also mail/ship your computer to us. We will make a copy of the hard-drive and mail/ship your computer within six hours; in most cases you will receive your computer back to you the same day. We will then conduct the forensic examination and mail your results within one to three business days.

This is a valuable service that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about things/events that have already taken place. Video-surveillance will provide you with knowledge of things/events that are currently happening. This service often goes hand in hand with Video-surveillance; when this service is followed by video-surveillance you are almost guaranteed to obtain positive results.

Data that is Recoverable from the Hard-drive:

  • Received email that was previous viewed and discarded
  • Yahoo Instant Messages
  • Websites that were visited
  • Pictures that were sent via a webcam and/or as an attachment
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel documents
  • Financial data
  • And much more
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