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Child Custody Investigations

Judges are human beings and they too make mistakes. Unfortunately sometimes judges make mistakes when it comes to Child Custody. It is not unusual for a Judge to award Primary Custody to one parent who might not necessarily be the best custodian for the child. After divorce it is quite common for an individual to begin living a lifestyle that is irresponsible and immature; in some cases the individual might engage in certain activities and/or behaviors that are damaging, dangerous, and even illegal. If you think your ex is engaging in activities that you feel could endanger the physical and/or emotional welfare of the child then you will need proof because the courts will not simply take your word for it.

We take these cases very seriously and we will strive to help you obtain custody of your child. Knowing that your child would be better suited with you has to be one of the most stressful things a parent can go through.

I understand your pain and will personally provide you with the guidance you might need to get through this difficult time; our agency can provide you with names of attorneys who specialize in handling Child Custody cases. Your stress level will dramatically decrease the moment you speak with us.

The Family Courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are probably the strictest throughout the nation. Family Court Judges don’t want to hear “He said…” “she said…” they want “concrete” proof. When speaking of divorce; the most difficult issue is Child Custody. Often Child Custody becomes a serious issue that can result in long drawn out court battles. Unless you have the proof you will need you will jeopardize losing Primary Custody or in some cases even visitation.

If you truly believe that you are you a better Primary Custodian of the child and believe that the child would be better suited residing with you most of the time, then you need to hire an agency that is specially trained in building a solid Child Custody case. If you do research you will find no other agency that is in the Family Courts as much as we are. We have a great success rate in assisting our clients document the proofs necessary to aid them in proving to the court why they would be a better fit for being awarded Primary Custody of the child. Many agencies do not even attempt to take on these types of investigations because they realize how difficult it is to have success; we on the other hand have built a reputation amongst the legal community of helping convince the courts to place the child with the proper parent. Our New Jersey Investigators and Pennsylvania Investigators are specially trained in investigating Child Custody cases. In fact, many other investigative agencies hire our company to handle these types of investigations for them; that in of itself should speak volume.

These cases take time to build; but if done properly you could save tens of thousands because often the Primary Guardian will receive Child Support from the other parent. So if you are currently paying your ex child support, that will likely be revoked if and when you are awarded Primary Custody and he/she will then have to pay you Child Support. More importantly, if you are awarded primary custody that in itself is priceless. You are gambling if you think you can walk into the family court and convince the judge that he should award you primary custody if you do not have physical evidence to support your claim. We are confident that we can help you obtain the documented evidence that will support your suspicions.

10 Things That Could Assist You in a Child Custody Battle

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you really need to take action before it is too late:

  • Is your ex acting irresponsible via living like he/she is in his/her 20’s again?
  • Does your ex drop your child off at your in-laws house so he/she can go out and party with his/her friends?
  • Is he/she drinking alcohol or using drugs?
  • Does he/she stay out at the bar until 2:30am?
  • Does he/she consume alcohol and/or drugs and then operate a motor vehicle?
  • Is your ex dating someone who you feel is dangerous to be around your child?
  • Is your ex living a lifestyle that is of questionable turpitude?
  • Is it possible that your ex could have been recently arrested and/or charged with D.W.I.?
  • During supervised visitation does the supervisor leave your ex unattended with the child?
  • Is your ex putting the child in harms way? Does he/she physically or verbally abuse the child?

The child is our main focus throughout the investigation…and we never lose focus.

– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

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