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Business Trip Surveillance Investigations

Statistics show that 98% of Cheaters will engage in affair while they are away on business or on vacation without their spouse. If your spouse claims he/she is going away on business and you suspect things are not right, then you need to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the truth. When there is distance between the cheater and the spouse, the cheater will usually become more complacent and less careful. There is absolutely no better time for a cheater to cheat than during a time when he/she is far away from home.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn the truth; you might not ever have another chance as good as this one. If you allow the opportunity to pass then it will be too late.

– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

We are the only agency that offers this service! Don’t believe us? Then check for yourself. Business-trip Surveillance is much more difficult than any other surveillance because the investigators are unfamiliar with the geographic situation and are often confronted with unanticipated obstacles. We have found our niche; that is handling difficult surveillance investigations such as Business-trip Investigations. The odds are stacked against the investigators and if the investigators are not specially trained for these types of investigations then they are guaranteed to fail their mission. Each of our investigators received stringent training in conducting such surveillance assignments. Our agency can provide such services whether they are domestic or international.

It is not uncommon for a cheater to take his girlfriend with him on the business trip. In some case the cheater may claim that it is a business trip when in reality it is nothing more than a vacation that she has planned so quality time can be spent with her boyfriend without the risk of getting caught. In other cases your spouse might not have a girlfriend/boyfriend but takes advantage of the situation and engages in a one night stand with someone while away on business.

On the reverse side of things, if you have a business trip or vacation planned and you suspect that your spouse will cheat while you are gone, then you too could benefit from our service. We have a 100% success rate at obtaining documented proof of a cheater engaging in an extra-marital affair while our client was “out of town”; each and every time that we have been retained to conduct video-surveillance on a suspected cheater while the client was away, we have documented infidelity!

Do not wait until the last minute to retain our agency; it is recommended that you take action the minute you learn of the trip. These investigations need to be planned precisely otherwise the timing will be off; in other words we will provide you with guidance and assist you in planning things just right so we can maximize the likelihood of documenting the infidelity.

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