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Alimony and Co-habitation Investigations

Alimony Investigations are becoming more a more popular each and every day. These investigations could pay dividends tenfold. Many times in a divorce alimony is imposed and in some cases it could be indefinite. However what most people do not realize is that Alimony can be reduced and even eliminated if there is a change in circumstances. There is something referred to as Co-habitation. What that simply means is that if it is more likely than not that your ex is residing with someone else, despite the fact that they might each have separate residence, then you can petition the court to reduce or eliminate Alimony.

I guarantee that if your spouse is legitimately co-habitating with someone, and if you follow our recommendations, then we will provide you with the proof you will need thus saving you tens of thousands of future dollars.

– Owner, Christopher Halscheid

You must remember however that it is not the duty of the court to investigative your suspicion that the your ex is co-habitating with someone. It is your responsibility to prove your suspicions to the court. The good news is that you do not need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard is- preponderance of the evidence which merely means that if you show that it is more likely than not then you have proven your case. Most Matrimonial attorneys throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania retain our services because of our outstanding reputation of providing results where it was thought to be impossible. Even opposing attorneys from previous cases hire us on their next case because they learned the hard way just how good we are; that in of itself should tell you something.

It is important to build a solid case because you will only have one chance in court; if you fail to prove your case because the case was not build soundly then you dramatically diminish your credibility with the courts and a favorable future outcome is slim. An agency that specializes in such cases is the key ingredient needed for success in these types of cases; the next important ingredient is patience.

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