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If your marriage ended in divorce, the romantic aspect is over, however the relationship can continue if you financially support your ex via alimony.

Traditionally, alimony payments cease if and when the former spouse remarries. However, in an attempt to maintain alimony for as long as possible, ex-spouses often steer clear of marriage. This situation of having a long-term live-in boyfriend or girlfriend, otherwise known as cohabitation, can be grounds for reducing or eliminating alimony.

So, what are the guidelines used to determine if a relationship has “martial-like” qualities, including but not limited to cohabitation?

If your ex stays over his/her new partner’s residence occasionally – a couple of times a month, or on weekends – this probably does not constitute a live-in relationship or shared residence. However, if a pattern can be established in which your ex and his/her current spouse are recognized as a martial-like couple within the community this helps your alimony case.

Another factor used to determine a change in circumstance is a shared bank account or other asset, which proves that the new couple are linked financially despite not being married. Even without this, if you can show that they share living expenses, this will go a long way to strengthen your case.

Since the details listed above are almost certainly not going to be made readily available to you, hiring a private investigator from NJ – especially one that specializes in alimony cases – could be a helpful step in developing your adjusted alimony case.

By utilizing video surveillance, an investigator can document and establish patterns in your former spouse’s current relationship over the course of a prolonged period of time. With hard evidence to prove your suspicions, you and your attorney are ready to potentially save you thousands of dollars in reduced alimony payments.

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