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New Jersey Private InvestigatorWhile divorce may sever the physical and residential ties of a relationship, alimony maintains a financial tie that binds a couple long after their marriage is dissolved. To a certain extent financial support over  the short-term makes sense given that couples often share finances as part of a larger interdependent living structure.

However alimony can proven to be a point of contention between former spouses. The reasons why may appear rather obvious individuals often harbor ill-will toward their ex and if one isn’t on the best terms he/she may feel that the individual receiving financial assistance is abusing the system, by requesting an excessive amount of monthly support, not seeking greater employment, or the sneaky manipulation of hiding cohabitation.

Under standard law  the monetary spousal support is dictated by the length of the marriage, the person’s age, health, income potential, parental responsibilities and established standard of living. Depending on these factors alimony payments can be quite a hefty burden, However these responsibility typically no longer apply once an ex marries again.

Now comes the sneaky loophole of cohabitation. Lets say an individual has a new serious love interest , but still wants the benefits of cashing that monthly cheque. Clearly, marriage is off the table. However marriage isn’t the only way out. Proving cohabitation i the key. Whether married or not if a couple simulates the makings of a marriage, lives together splits living expenses (utilities,rent,groceries etc), takes trips /vacations/spends holidays together they are for all legal intent cohabiting.

Now, they may step up the ruse supposed separate living quarters, suggesting that one lives with friends or family and that they only spend the night together occasionally. However, here’s where a Private investigator especially one using video surveillance can nail the door shut. Over an elongated period of time an investigator can record/ document a pattern of behavior proving that the new couple acts as though they are married and occupy the same residence, They can interview neighbors/ friends to solidify their perceptions or even capture their vacation whereabouts.

If you believe that your ex is taking advantage of alimony while simultaneously engaging in co-habition, console a private investigator and see if the perception match the reality.

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