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Magnum Investigations ProfileClients often come to us because things aren’t adding up the way they used to in their relationship or marriage.Something seems off or has changed and they’re suspicious. Most importantly they want answers. they want the truth and we hope that we can help to fill in the gaps and settle the situation so that knowing as much information as possible the person can move forward in his/her life.

Now considering that cheating /infidelity is one of  our areas of expertise, we’d like to lay the ground work that prevents or minimalizes infidelity. How should you as a spouse act in order to best prevent infidelity? The answer may seem possible, but its largely about maintaining positivity toward your spouse

  1. Consistently strengthen the bond with your spouse.
  2. Encourage and support her in their professional and personal pursuits: take the time to listen to their questions and concerns.
  3. Embrace new activities and adventures: reinforce your relationships foundation. Rather than simply rehashing memories from your past create new ones as well.
  4. Discuss daily concerns: problems often persist and multiply when left unresolved or not communicated.  Working through the minor bumps ion the road helps to avoid the larger ones. It also demonstrates a willingness to change or adapt,
  5. Finding the proper balance between time spent together and apart. Everyone needs a little of both figure out what works for you both.

With these things in place its important to understand that a being in a relationship means supporting one and other, tackling the challenges and difficulties that arise , being a sounding board, not a stone wall to yell at etc. It’s important to remember that maintaining a relationship can be hard work, but it is also rewarding when done right. Embrace the positive, work through the negative and remember you’re in this together.

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