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Among the numerous bumps in the road that create a relationship detour are differences of opinion regarding crucial issues such as finances, long-term goals (career, family,etc), sexual desire, interests/hobbies etc.). Lets discuss finances because for better or worse cash it is often the most common. Your initial thought may be that money doesn’t matter and that love reigns supreme. However, over the long haul the reality is that while many suggest money can’t buy love or happiness, it can create opportunity and on the reverse side of the scale limited funds correlate to a limited set of possibilities.

You and your spouse may start on level ground financially when your relationship began. However your professional trajectories will almost always inevitably change over the course of time, creating an imbalance financially. This situation could breed tension as one party might feel like a burden to the other or conversely that he/she is carrying too much of the load. The situation becomes more complex when living together because bills need to be paid therefore deciding whether they should be split equally or does one of you make significantly more than the other, should you each pay what you can, etc? How can you pay differing amounts and still retain equal footing?


While talking about income and money can be difficult, it is important. If your relationship is serious, and we’re assuming it is, money is probably a key discussion thats on the table. You can choose to handle it in any number of ways, but the elephant sits in the room there’s no way around it. Your job/career will undoubtedly dictate the type of money one makes; so career goals go hand in hand in money talk. Is there room for advancement where you work? If not, what about changing fields? How do you prioritize spending? Do you want to live in the here and now, or would you rather save for later? What types of things are worth spending on? Material items such as clothing, cars, hobbies (how expensive are your hobbies?) How much value do you place on going out with friends or going on vacations. These are all questions everyone needs to ask themselves. But, when you’re in a relationship this issues become more complex. You can potentially get away with having different points of view,  but each of you needs to understand what  he/she is looking at. Talk about money, it matters.

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