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There is no doubt that individuals wanting to spy on their spouse have thought about learning how to conduct video surveillance.  The truth is that it’s a lot more difficult than meets the eye, and mastering it is a fine art that only comes through experience.  Here’s what we’ve learned in our time as a private investigation agency that specializes in video surveillance.

Develop a Plan

Going into an investigation with as much information as possible via research or questioning the client will allow an investigator to create and implement a strategy that will be effective. They can then use their experience as a gauge as to handle particular situations and different types of people; this can be advantageous for complicated cases and ultimately lead to a fruitful/successful outcome. Furthermore, experience at video surveillance will allow the detective to avoid mistakes and actions that would hinder an investigation.

Exercise Patience

Experience is an asset that will make an investigator understand the necessity for patience. Over the course of a surveillance period there may be dull inactivity for hours at a time, but at any moment something crucial to an investigation can occur and for that reason you must always be on alert despite moments of boredom.  Perhaps a case requires you to document a series of activity on separate days over a period of weeks or months.  An inexperienced investigator may be anxious to get paid or close the case, but that is not always in the best interest of the client.  With video surveillance, patience is often rewarded.

Be Smart and Decisive

While following a vehicle it is crucial to maintain visual contact, yet the difficulty is to remain unnoticed. These scenarios demand individuals that can react quickly under pressure while remaining calm and under control as for overzealous actions can draw a red flag.  Anticipating the subject’s next move becomes a vital component, especially while you are on the road dealing with other vehicles and people.

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Rather than simply tailing an individual with one vehicle, using a coordinated dual investigator approach is an excellent strategy that will allow an investigator to stay ahead of the curve while minimizing their chances of getting caught.  However, doing so takes experience and constant communication between the two parties to stick with a plan, or stay on the same page as the plan adapts on the fly.

While entertaining fictional tales portray surveillance in a flashy action driven light, the reality is that surveillance is an intricate, slow process that is mastered via experience and most effective when handled by professionals that understand what they are doing and what to look for.

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