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private-investigator-nj-bannerFrom the outside looking in hypothetically, a marriage is considered a life-long endeavor/commitment. The sad reality is that what intially was considered a long-term forever  situation often digresses to a temporary one. Some may consider divorce the result of a failed relationship. However, situations are often far more complex than we give them credit for.

A marriage could could disintegrate for any number of reasons. Like many grownup scenarios a significant cause and effect may correspond with the disconnect between perception of the hypothetical and the adjustment of the reality, In other words, the pie in the sky fairy-tale creates unrealistic expectations, that when left untempered become the breeding ground of disappointment If a couple believes they’re headed to one place and ends up in an entirely  different one, problems will arise.  Now there lies a middle ground or grey area. One anchored in the here and now. Because, when problems arise, if they’re not dealt with properly unhappiness follows. That unhappiness often instigated by a failure to communicate, leads individuals to seek escape via outside sources i.e. cheating and burning that bridge of trust is the pathway to divorce.

Some may become jaded with the concept of marriage once their first pass at the process has failed. Why risk so much a second time when you’ve seen the aftermath? The answer is a simple one, because you know more now.  As a result one is better prepared to handle adverse conditions. The perfect like fairy-tale bubble may have burst. But in it’s wake you’ve learned what really matters , and which characteristics to seek in a spouse. Likewise via experience you know what your deal breakers are, that you should probably as accept someone as is on not at all. The battles you pick this time will be different as will your tactics.

As one grows and matures, we all make mistakes and attempt and hopefully succeed in overcoming them, While no one aims to fail (especially in marriage) divorce rates suggest that many relationships fail. The key is to pinpoint the root of those failures, adapting and adjusting in the future so (that if need be) you hit the mark the second  time.

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