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After experiencing a breakup or divorce, the next step in the process is determining the parameters of child custody. When deciding the proper course for child custody, a judge will consider the best interest of the child or children. The parental preference of the child is a characteristic which carries more weight as the child becomes older.

Among the factors that play in the decision are:

  • Maintaining the status quo – If previous arrangements work for all involved there may be no need for a change.
  • Sibling stability – In most cases courts prefer to keep siblings together.
  • Environment – The quality of the neighborhood and school district is important.
  • Financial considerations – Is the income of the parent sufficient to provide all necessary aspects to the child’s life, such as shelter, clothing, food etc.?
  • Parent’s stability – Does the parent have any medical or behavioral history which could put the child at risk, like alcohol/substance abuse, criminal history, violent tendencies etc.?

If you suspect that your ex-spouse is incapable of providing a stable and nurturing environment for your child or children, then hiring a private investigator may be the best solution. Your children’s welfare remains the highest priority; therefore any demonstration of behaviors which can be interpreted as neglectful or harmful are a sign that you need to take action.

An investigator can be used to determine whether your ex is exhibiting any of the following traits and behaviors:

  • Using alcohol or other substances, sometimes in the presence of your child
  • Reckless driving or driving under the influence
  • Criminal activity
  • Violence toward the child or at home
  • Not spending quality time with the child during visitation hours, while allowing others to care for them

Video surveillance is a highly effective mechanism used to document any of these situations.

If you believe that your spouse is living a lifestyle that isn’t conducive with having visitation, then it’s just as important to have the investigator document this on days without the child, as it is while they are with this child. This makes a multi-person team extremely crucial because it enables the investigators to adapt on the fly while minimizing chances of detection over long periods of surveillance.

Providing the best possible living situation for your children is a top priority after a divorce. If you think that your child is at risk when he/she is in the custody of your ex, you need to seek the advice of a professional private investigator – it can be the first step towards uncovering the truth and winning your child custody battle.

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