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Ending an affair can be a very difficult proposition. Depending on the length of time and the corresponding emotional investment associated, your affair may be a situation that is hard to leave. However you must remember that for the sake of your marriage, it has to come to an end.

In determining how to properly exit an affair, it is invaluable to recognize the initial cause that started your fling. Most likely some form of turmoil within your marriage spurned the affair, because this new relationship in one way or another filled an emotional or physical void that was not being met. Or perhaps the affair served as a distraction to addressing the real issues with your significant other.

The best solution to these issues is to refocus the time and energy spent on your affair back to the root cause. If you approach your marital relationship from a fresh and optimistic point of view rather than a stale and negative one, obstacles ahead will become detours rather than dead ends.

With this in mind, consider the reasons why you enjoy your affair. What are the benefits gained? If you think of the affair in these terms, you will start to understand that it is possible to rekindle these feelings and emotions with your wife, but only if that is your true intention.

After you’ve decided to terminate your affair, tell a friend. Revealing your secret by entrusting another individual will lessen the burden, while also taking your thoughts and translating them into reality and a dialogue.

When the time comes to communicate your desire to your other lover, make it short, sweet and non-negotiable. This means you must eliminate all forms of contact. By taking control of the situation with a firm hand, you are taking the right steps towards making your spouse and family your number one priority.

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