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A child custody investigator can serve as an impartial set of eyes documenting what occurs when your child is in the care of his or her other parent. Furthermore, while using video surveillance amid other vital information gathering techniques, an investigator can paint an accurate picture of how a parent interacts with his/her child. This can take on added importance if he/she is exposing the child to any negative or unsafe situations due to their poor behavior, decisions or associations.

While an experienced professional will come at a higher expense, knowing the truth regarding the well-being of your child is truly invaluable. With that in mind, here are the main reasons that you will want to retain a child custody private investigator.

  • Protect Your Child from Abuse/Neglect – The well-being of your child is your most important responsibility. If your child is being neglected/exposed to danger (via substance abuse/criminal activity/reckless behavior) or in an environment which is not conducive to his/her well-being, then exposing this reality via video surveillance can shift custody rulings in your favor.
  • Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse – An investigator can serve as a credible witness if you or a loved one have been incorrectly accused of abusing your child. Video surveillance as well as interviews with family, friends and neighbors can help establish a pattern of behavior than can be applied in court to refute false accusations.
  • Reduce/Increase Child Support Payments – An investigation can reveal the reality of a situation, whether that means that a former spouse has a new live-in lover and requires less financial support or that his/her claim of unemployment/disability is a fallacy. The reverse also applies – maybe a co-parent claims limited financial means but indulges in lavish and luxurious activities on the side. An investigator can cut through the guise and get to the heart of matter.
  • Overall Peace of Mind – While one does their best to provide a safe and constructive environment for a child’s/children’s growth, what occurs when they are in the custody of the other parent? If that relationship is not pleasant or open, the answer can remain somewhat of a mystery since you cannot physically be there. Enlisting the services of a private investigator that can document what happens when you’re not there can give you that extra set of eyes one wishes he/she had. In a worst case scenario, an investigation can expose a negative situation, creating an opportunity to appropriately alter/remedy a wrong. In the end, you will know that you’ve exhausted every avenue you can to keep your child safe.

Any degree of uncertainty will cause a parent to question what happens when one’s child is away from their watchful eye. Hiring a private investigator that specializes in child custody will help eliminate uncertainty and reveal the truth, since they know what to look for and can credibly document all of their findings. Whether this causes changes within a custody situation or not; the best interests of the child/children will come to the forefront.

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