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Do you provide a Free Consultation?

Yes. We provide a Free telephone consultation and will dedicate the necessary time to understand your needs. During the consultation we will discuss our services as well as rates. However, you must call us or provide us with a telephone number to call you as for we do not discuss Investigations and/or rates via email.

Are telephone calls and the initial consultation Confidential?

Absolutely! Every phone call including the initial consultation, is extremely confidential and there is no obligation for the consultation; it is free. Even if you decide not to retain our agency there is no way anyone will find out that you contacted us. Whether or not you retain us we never share customer information with anyone. Your identity will be safeguarded. Other agencies might sell your personal information; we do not!

Is there anything I should know prior to calling you?

It is important to take precautions in an effort to safeguard the likelihood of your spouse learning that you called an investigative agency. If you call from your cellular telephone then make certain that you erase the call log. If you are calling from your home telephone then make certain that our phone number is erased from the redial feature. Our Toll-free number- (888) 293-1966, will not show up on your home telephone bill!

What types of services do you specialize in?

Many investigative agencies try to “do it all” and we believe that you can not be really good at one thing if you are trying to do everything. Therefore, we made a decision to specialize in Video Surveillance as it pertains to Domestic Investigations which include Cheating InvestigationsChild Custody Investigations, and Alimony Investigations. As with anything, if you do something everyday then you will become really good at it. As far as we are concerned, we are the best in the industry and absolutely no one has the success that we do without getting caught. We are the only agency that provides a VIP Service as well as Business-trip surveillance. We are accustomed to handling difficult surveillance investigations especially for those instances where the client is concerned due the alert nature of the Cheater.

How do you differ from your competitors?

The biggest difference from our competitors is the fact that we make every effort to understand what your customized needs are and provide you with genuine attention and support. Even if you are so stressed out that you just want someone to talk to, we will be there for you. From a performance standpoint we are different in the fact that we will exercise extreme caution when conducting surveillance and in 99% of our cases we will provide results without your spouse ever having a clue that he/she was being watched. The biggest difference is that you will deal with the owner of the company from the initial telephone consultation until the job is completed.

Do you provide Cell Phone Records?

No we do not; it is a Federal Criminal Offense. On January 12, 2007 President Bush signed a bill known as H.R. 4709 Telephone Records & Privacy Protection Act of 2006; it became public law 109-476. In summary, it is totally illegal, not only for someone to sell telephone records, but it is also illegal for someone to purchase telephone records. You can be arrested and charged criminally, not to mention any civil repercussions. Many people seek cellular phone records as a means to avoid learning of an affair the correct way and that being Video-surveillance; however it is illegal. Even if you did have cell phone records, your spouse will still deny an affair. The only way to prove an affair is with video proof.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are Licensed, Bonded, and Fully Insured in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania. There are only a couple of agencies that can say that they are licensed in both states.

How do I get started?

You need to speak with an investigator to discuss your situation. You may either complete the online form and an investigator will call you or you can call us toll free. After determining what service you need we will then prepare a contract for service. After signing the contract the client may email, fax, or mail the contract. Depending on the form of payment for the retainer, it might be required for an investigator to meet with you in person.

You mentioned a retainer; what is a retainer?

A retainer is an up front deposit that we bill against. We do not require the entire amount, of the estimated cost of the job, up front; we require a portion of the anticipated cost in the form of a retainer. We bill against the retainer and when the retainer is exhausted we will continue to perform our service with the agreement that any outstanding balances will be satisfied, in full, immediately upon completion of the investigation and prior to the release of any investigative finding.

How much do you think an investigation will cost me?

The only way for us to estimate how much an investigation could possibly cost is for us to have a clear understanding of your situation. During the Free consultation we will better estimate the approximate cost. Some determining factors of cost will be the nature of the investigation, the duration of the investigation, as well as the difficulty level of the investigation. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable service; although we are not the cheapest agency, we are also not the most expensive either; you truly will get what you pay for and you will not get a second chance. Therefore, if you are “price shopping” and looking for the cheapest agency then we probably are not the company for you. However, if you are looking for an agency that has affordable rates but more importantly has a high success rate without getting caught then we are absolutely the company for your situation- We have greater than a 98% success rate.

How long will the investigation last?

The duration of any investigation will vary from case to case. We will be able to better estimate how long it might last after we speak to you about your situation. So take advantage of our free consultation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Certified Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards, and Cash. If your spouse has access to your credit card statements then you might not want to pay via credit card because it could jeopardize the investigation.  If you are in need of immediate services and want to expedite the commencement of the investigation then you will need to make a secure form of payment via Cash, Money Order, Certified Check or Cashiers Check. If you are not in a rush then a personal check will suffice; it is our policy to wait until all personal checks clear the bank before we commence the investigation. If paying via wire-transfer there will be a service charge of $15.

Will I be able to use your investigative evidence in court?

Yes. Our agency is licensed and bonded in New Jersey and Pennsylvania therefore our investigative findings will be admissible in a court of law. Despite the fact that you hired us, because we are licensed and bonded, the courts view us a neutral party. In the event that you need our testimony in court we do provide Expert Testimony services.

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain why you should consider Magnum Investigations, LLC to assist you with your matter. This agency is owned and operated by me- Christopher Halscheid. We are a mid-sized company; small enough to provide you with customized attention yet large enough to handle multiple investigations simultaneously. Unlike our competitors, you will deal directly with the owner from the onset; I will personally provide you with your free consultation and will personally be involved with your investigation. If you have any questions and/or concerns you will speak directly with me; you will never deal with anyone else.

When it comes to the Investigative Industry, I learned that there are either really large companies or companies who are one-man operations. I found that the problem with the large companies is that they lose focus…they prefer to advertise what TV shows that they appeared on rather than to concentrate their energy on understanding your case via listening to your needs. More importantly, you will simply be viewed as “just another client” and will not receive genuine personalized attention; often if you have a question and/or concern you will deal with multiple individuals throughout the agency thus causing a breakdown in communication. The problem with the single-license holder is the fact that he does not have a staff to effectively and successfully accomplish the goal of the investigation. A single license holder cannot conceivably have success and will likely jeopardize your investigation at your expense. Any good investigator will tell you that you are doomed for disaster if you attempt to conduct mobile surveillance utilizing one-investigator.

Therefore; I made a conscious decision to form a mid-sized company; I take pride in providing my clients with personalized attention as well as the opportunity to get to understand each and every client’s situation and goals. I have more passion for this profession than any other investigator in this industry; when it comes to Domestic Investigations this agency is the best in the industry especially when it comes to providing results without getting caught. Our reputation speaks for itself. Not only do attorneys refer their clients to our agency but other Private Investigative Agencies do as well; that in of itself should tell you something.

Feel free to call me anytime to discuss your investigative needs.

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