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Identity theft and internet hacking is a fear-inducing horror which we all would like to avoid, and hence the importance of using strong passwords cannot be understated.

Can you imagine if someone hacked into your computer and then after breaking into your technological home, decided to flip the script and change the locks on the doors — your passwords? This nightmare scenario could leave an individual outright exposed and vulnerable as the ever-private information found on ones PC is at the disposal of the burglar or hacker.

Typically you would think that an identity thief would be looking for information with personal financial ties, such as credit card and bank account info, so that he/she could engage in an unabated spending spree. However, this story takes an unexpected and perverted turn.

Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, the 27 year-old man charged on 15 counts of aggravated identity theft as well as 15 counts of computer intrusion, allegedly hijacked Facebook accounts after hacking into them and changing the password. Kazaryan would search for naked pictures via Facebook or e-mail, and if successful he then would instant message the victim and request that she expose herself via webcam; if she rejected he would post the previously found naked images via social media giant Facebook.

Kazaryan even went as far as to pose as his female victim and then would contact her friends via Facebook or Skype; after making contact, Kazaryan would attempt to solicit nudity for his own personal pleasure while also exploiting the opportunity to photograph the exposed person. Sensing that the requests were suspicious, some of these “friends” did not comply with the risque requests; however the ones that did were only pushed to further limits.

For the record, this perverted thievery was no small endeavor as Kazaryan is said to have victimized 350 women, while his computer contained over 3000 nude photos.

While financial theft may be our primary thought when we think about identity theft, the helpless feeling and unwanted public exposure should serve as a prime example of the negative potential aligned with insecure computer use. Be wary of the type of personal/sensitive information on your computer; if it is necessary to keep such information on your computer then take efforts to protect the data via secure and difficult to hack passwords.


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