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New Jersey Private InvestigatorThe hope is that no matter bad things get within a marriage, a couple will do their best to mend fences and create the best case scenario for their children to grow up in once divorce occurs. You may dislike or even distrust your ex, but hopefully despite your difference the children can flourish under the guidance of both parents,

So initially child custody is divided or split in a traditional manner. One loves their kids and the time you spend together. However, with a slight sense of perhaps guilt but also excitement, you somewhat look forward to those rare days when you have a chance to relax and maybe even attempt to dip your feet in the dating pool (divorce has made you newly single after all). For his part, your former spouse wasn’t a great husband (in hindsight). But, he seems like a good father and the kids don’t hesitate to spend time with him.

Then, they come home on a Sunday night and you ask the logical question, “How was your weekend? What kind of stuff did you do with your father? The way your children reply causes a feeling of concern, “Dad went out for a bit on Friday, but his neighbor’s really cool, so we hung out there and watched movies”

Where was he and what was he doing that’s so important that he pawned the children off. It’s not fair to them or you. Furthermore, you’ve never met his neighbors, he hasn’t even been living there that long so how can he already entrust them with you kids. It just doesn’t seem to add up.You have questions that need answers. How quickly that carefree weekend can turn into a stressful scenario. Before you let it slide, nip this potential problem in the bud. Call a private investigator and see if they can help fill in the blanks.

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