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cheating-infidelityIt lasts until it runs out, Like a battery, a marriage can run low on  energy/power. While adultery is often viewed as the somewhat shocking (it happens more often than you would think) action that triggers a marriages collapse . There are other subtle situations that can be equally as divisive.

  • Stagnate – the juice can be drained from a relationship that falls into the crack of routine comfort. This often implies repeating activities that loose their luster and meaning overtime as individuals begin to take on a robotic existence. While routines are natural and somewhat efficient, they can drain one’s life of purpose as you push through the days rather than experience them.

  • Finances – friction over how many seems like an obvious case. However, it might not be based own a lack of funds but rather the allocations of those funds that breeds conflict. Do you differ with your spouse on what types of items/experiences are worth dosing out the dollars? If so, there may be a problem.
  • Arguments – every couple has them, the important part is understanding how to work through your issues. Because even the most mundane of conflicts can breed bad blood when left unresolved.
  • Intimacy- physical and emotional intimacy is a highly valuable symbiotic existence within a relationship. While exterior factors such as work, health etc. can affect intimacy, changes when left unexplained or communicated can leave a spouse feeling neglected, unappreciated etc.
  • Goals – While individuals may create their own standards for success in their professional and private lives, it is important for a couple to comprehend, share, and contribute to each others success.

This represents some of the broader issues a married couple may face. Each situation presents a unique opportunity that can unite in success or divide in failure. Maintaining an open line of communication can help a couple stay on the same page when broaching these subjects.

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