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Archive for Relationship Advice – Page 2

Divorce can be a shocking surprise; especially if you were disconnected from the relationship and failed to notice the warning signs that served as the precursor to the death of a relationship.

Being aware of the potential hazards and pitfalls of a failing relationship, could be the difference between working issues out and getting blindsided by your significant other. Below are a few characteristics or behaviors of dangerous relationship territory.

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We’ve all heard it so much that it seems cliché; however, communication is truly a vital component in any healthy relationship. In fact, at the start of most relationships, couples can’t seem to get enough of talking to each other, wanting to learn more about each other, and sharing opinions, desires, stories, goals, hopes, fears, etc.

So, what happens that alters of the lines of communication, sometimes slowing them to a deafening, screeching halt?

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While secrecy and privacy are often used similarly in conversation, they hold different/separate meanings that when applied to a relationship correlate to different consequences.  It is important to understand the distinction with your spouse, otherwise it could cause unwanted problems down the road.

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Finding out that your spouse has cheated can be a traumatic experience that can blindside you. The feelings that you will go through after encountering this situation are strikingly similar to the death of a loved one, because in essence it means the death of your relationship. Unless children are involved, there is a very high chance that you will never see or share a positive moment with this person again.

The most important thing to know is that it’s okay to feel this range of emotions, and it’s helpful to understand the varying stages of grief that you will go through so you can come out the other end a better person.

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