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heart-sunsetHonesty is the best policy, its a phrase which we hear all the time.The couples that can communicate in an open and honest manner are often in the most successful/beneficial relationships. However, how far does honesty extend, are their limits or is full disclosure the standard protocol.

If you think about it for a minute your thought might be something along the lines of “Well, if its something important that affects both of us, then yes full disclosure applies. So by extension what do you think qualifies as important. Do health and financial issues fall under this serious umbrella? What about past relationships or skeletons in the family closet. What do you need to know and what can be left unsaid? Read More →

All relationships will have its own issues.

The key is learning how to handle these problems in a constructive manner. Much like a physical ailment, if you can recognize the symptoms early, the easier they will be to remedy.

However, if you ignore the warning signs, the problems become more complicated and difficult fix.

Here are six of the most common marriage issues that lead to cheating.

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While social media has become increasingly integrated into our daily routines, it is important understand the potential pitfalls associated with these actions. Understanding the bigger picture will allow you to protect yourself and stay ahead of the curve, both online and offline.

These are the best reasons that you should guard your personal life:

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It’s an idiom that you’ve heard, but a new study performed by University of Denver graduate student, Kayla Knopp, demonstrates that it holds true.

Cheaters 3.5x More Likely to Cheat During Next Relationship

Knopp’s study consisted of a sample size of 484 adults between the ages of 18 and 35. The study found that individuals who cheated in a previous relationship were 3.5x more likely to cheat in their next relationship.

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