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alimony-money-2About one half of marriages end in divorce. However, most individuals still enter into marriage believing that they as a couple will endure. With that  sense of hope individuals often make compromises for the betterment of their state as a couple. This is especially true in financial matters. Maybe it is agreed upon that one individual will sacrifice career and financial gain in order to maintain a hands on approach to parenting (especially when the kids are young). Perhaps, one is displeased with their current career and subsequently is encouraged is pursue a new passionate career path leading to additional schooling and debt.

These situations seem reasonable when the marriage is going well. However, one’s attitude may change when the marriage turns sour and the unfortunate end is in sight. Because not only will you have to augment your day to day base, your finances may be out of balance. This is large reason why alimony or spousal support is in place allowing for a temporary helpful situation because you or spouse may be depending on income that once was shared. Read More →

New Jersey Private InvestigatorWhile divorce may sever the physical and residential ties of a relationship, alimony maintains a financial tie that binds a couple long after their marriage is dissolved. To a certain extent financial support over  the short-term makes sense given that couples often share finances as part of a larger interdependent living structure.

However alimony can proven to be a point of contention between former spouses. The reasons why may appear rather obvious individuals often harbor ill-will toward their ex and if one isn’t on the best terms he/she may feel that the individual receiving financial assistance is abusing the system, by requesting an excessive amount of monthly support, not seeking greater employment, or the sneaky manipulation of hiding cohabitation. Read More →

A child custody investigator can serve as an impartial set of eyes documenting what occurs when your child is in the care of his or her other parent. Furthermore, while using video surveillance amid other vital information gathering techniques, an investigator can paint an accurate picture of how a parent interacts with his/her child. This can take on added importance if he/she is exposing the child to any negative or unsafe situations due to their poor behavior, decisions or associations.

While an experienced professional will come at a higher expense, knowing the truth regarding the well-being of your child is truly invaluable. With that in mind, here are the main reasons that you will want to retain a child custody private investigator.

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