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Archive for Emotional Cheating

Divorce can be a shocking surprise; especially if you were disconnected from the relationship and failed to notice the warning signs that served as the precursor to the death of a relationship.

Being aware of the potential hazards and pitfalls of a failing relationship, could be the difference between working issues out and getting blindsided by your significant other. Below are a few characteristics or behaviors of dangerous relationship territory.

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While secrecy and privacy are often used similarly in conversation, they hold different/separate meanings that when applied to a relationship correlate to different consequences.  It is important to understand the distinction with your spouse, otherwise it could cause unwanted problems down the road.

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Cheaters are already living a lie. Therefore, if you address your suspicions in the form of an accusation, their natural reaction may be to extend that lie via denial and deflection. Here are a few common examples of how a cheater is likely to react to your questions about their affair.

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The threshold for cheating in a relationship may seem obvious; but, when you take a step back, a canyon of grey area emerges.

What may be acceptable to one individual could be over the line to another and vice versa. What is clear is that boundaries need to be established within one’s specific relationship so that these physical and emotional lines are well defined.

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