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Child custody can be a tricky situation during the process of a divorce. You may have the preconceived notion that custody is typically granted to the mother of the child/children because this falls under the umbrella of tradition. However, the most important aspect for determining custody should, and will be, which parent offers the best possible environment for the child.

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If a marriage breaks down and divorce becomes the inevitable conclusion to the relationship, it is important to remember that although possessions need to be accounted for, the most important people affected are the children.

Recognizing that this transition, from married to divorced life, will undoubtedly bring a series of changes, it is of the utmost priority to monitor how your child or children adapt.

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In the event that your marriage is headed toward divorce, enlisting the services of a private investigator that is licensed and insured may prove to be in your best interest.

The importance of using a licensed professional cannot be understated. Some investigators view their work as a part-time gig; however a specialist agency will provide the skills and experience necessary to run a well-documented, court-friendly case while also limiting the chance of exposure which could derail an investigation.

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After experiencing a breakup or divorce, the next step in the process is determining the parameters of child custody. When deciding the proper course for child custody, a judge will consider the best interest of the child or children. The parental preference of the child is a characteristic which carries more weight as the child becomes older.
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