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New Jersey Private InvestigatorThe hope is that no matter bad things get within a marriage, a couple will do their best to mend fences and create the best case scenario for their children to grow up in once divorce occurs. You may dislike or even distrust your ex, but hopefully despite your difference the children can flourish under the guidance of both parents,

So initially child custody is divided or split in a traditional manner. One loves their kids and the time you spend together. However, with a slight sense of perhaps guilt but also excitement, you somewhat look forward to those rare days when you have a chance to relax and maybe even attempt to dip your feet in the dating pool (divorce has made you newly single after all). For his part, your former spouse wasn’t a great husband (in hindsight). But, he seems like a good father and the kids don’t hesitate to spend time with him. Read More →

A somewhat common misconception is that children are better off, in the long-haul when their parents stay married or together. However, that concept may only apply to a happy healthy union.  Parents that stick together fighting through a bad marriage may do more harm than good and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Parents who are in constant conflict can create a negative atmosphere for their children. Rather than focusing on allowing their children to grow and feel safe at home, arguing parents can cause an air of tension to arise. While the cause of that negativity may not be fully understood by a child, the lingering gray cloud it manifests may make their home a place which he/she wishes to avoid, rather than the comforting landmark one hopes it to be.child-holding-leg
  • Poor Example: By maintaining a failing relationship parents could provide a bad example of the qualities one should attribute to marriage/ a relationship etc. This example could shape the habits and attributes which children seek out in their adult lives. By persisting in a negative situation instead of recognizing its faults and moving forward by moving on, parents could be attributing positive attributes to negative actions.
  • Speaking of attribution, children often find it difficult to see the world as unrelated to themselves. This egocentric scenario may lead a child to associate a parent’s bad mood as their fault. Furthermore if a parent seeks refuge, away from the home to avoid their spouse, a child may inadvertently think that he/she is the one being avoided.

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Supervised visitation for a non-custodial parent’s time with their child could be court ordered for a number of reasons. However, the root cause of supervised visits is to maintain and protect the well being of the child/and or children.

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A child custody investigator can serve as an impartial set of eyes documenting what occurs when your child is in the care of his or her other parent. Furthermore, while using video surveillance amid other vital information gathering techniques, an investigator can paint an accurate picture of how a parent interacts with his/her child. This can take on added importance if he/she is exposing the child to any negative or unsafe situations due to their poor behavior, decisions or associations.

While an experienced professional will come at a higher expense, knowing the truth regarding the well-being of your child is truly invaluable. With that in mind, here are the main reasons that you will want to retain a child custody private investigator.

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