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logo_cheating_expertsInfidelity is not your fault because cheating is an act that has everything to do with your unfaithful partner and nothing to do with you. Your spouse’s behavior is not a reflection of you as cheating is a unilateral decision, made without you. On the other hand, your marital problems are your fault. The failure of a marriage cannot be entirely attributed to one partner; especially in the cases where one spouse is unfaithful, because no one can be the perfect partner all of the time, even when a marriage is strong.

Cheating has little to do with money, appearance, education, or social status. None of these things matter for you or the person with whom your spouse cheats. We often comment when a spouse leaves his or her partner for someone who is less successful, less educated, less attractive and less respected in the community but what really matters is how we feel in our partners company and anything else takes a distant second place.

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All relationships will have its own issues.

The key is learning how to handle these problems in a constructive manner. Much like a physical ailment, if you can recognize the symptoms early, the easier they will be to remedy.

However, if you ignore the warning signs, the problems become more complicated and difficult fix.

Here are six of the most common marriage issues that lead to cheating.

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It’s an idiom that you’ve heard, but a new study performed by University of Denver graduate student, Kayla Knopp, demonstrates that it holds true.

Cheaters 3.5x More Likely to Cheat During Next Relationship

Knopp’s study consisted of a sample size of 484 adults between the ages of 18 and 35. The study found that individuals who cheated in a previous relationship were 3.5x more likely to cheat in their next relationship.

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Divorce can be a shocking surprise; especially if you were disconnected from the relationship and failed to notice the warning signs that served as the precursor to the death of a relationship.

Being aware of the potential hazards and pitfalls of a failing relationship, could be the difference between working issues out and getting blindsided by your significant other. Below are a few characteristics or behaviors of dangerous relationship territory.

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