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video-camera-lens-closeupAt first you may hope that your spouse truly is frequently getting caught up  working late and the stress from their job is unfortunately, but simply spilling over into other aspects of your life. You should try to be understanding and appreciative of that work effort after all, he/she is attempting to move up the career food chain as a means of improving your overall quality of life; so that you can move into a nicer home or go on vacations. Read More →

Magnum Investigations ProfileClients often come to us because things aren’t adding up the way they used to in their relationship or marriage.Something seems off or has changed and they’re suspicious. Most importantly they want answers. they want the truth and we hope that we can help to fill in the gaps and settle the situation so that knowing as much information as possible the person can move forward in his/her life.

Now considering that cheating /infidelity is one of  our areas of expertise, we’d like to lay the ground work that prevents or minimalizes infidelity. How should you as a spouse act in order to best prevent infidelity? The answer may seem possible, but its largely about maintaining positivity toward your spouse

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Among the numerous bumps in the road that create a relationship detour are differences of opinion regarding crucial issues such as finances, long-term goals (career, family,etc), sexual desire, interests/hobbies etc.). Lets discuss finances because for better or worse cash it is often the most common. Your initial thought may be that money doesn’t matter and that love reigns supreme. However, over the long haul the reality is that while many suggest money can’t buy love or happiness, it can create opportunity and on the reverse side of the scale limited funds correlate to a limited set of possibilities.

You and your spouse may start on level ground financially when your relationship began. However your professional trajectories will almost always inevitably change over the course of time, creating an imbalance financially. This situation could breed tension as one party might feel like a burden to the other or conversely that he/she is carrying too much of the load. The situation becomes more complex when living together because bills need to be paid therefore deciding whether they should be split equally or does one of you make significantly more than the other, should you each pay what you can, etc? How can you pay differing amounts and still retain equal footing?

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private-investigator-nj-bannerFrom the outside looking in hypothetically, a marriage is considered a life-long endeavor/commitment. The sad reality is that what intially was considered a long-term forever  situation often digresses to a temporary one. Some may consider divorce the result of a failed relationship. However, situations are often far more complex than we give them credit for.

A marriage could could disintegrate for any number of reasons. Like many grownup scenarios a significant cause and effect may correspond with the disconnect between perception of the hypothetical and the adjustment of the reality, In other words, the pie in the sky fairy-tale creates unrealistic expectations, that when left untempered become the breeding ground of disappointment If a couple believes they’re headed to one place and ends up in an entirely  different one, problems will arise.  Now there lies a middle ground or grey area. One anchored in the here and now. Because, when problems arise, if they’re not dealt with properly unhappiness follows. That unhappiness often instigated by a failure to communicate, leads individuals to seek escape via outside sources i.e. cheating and burning that bridge of trust is the pathway to divorce.

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