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heart-sunsetHonesty is the best policy, its a phrase which we hear all the time.The couples that can communicate in an open and honest manner are often in the most successful/beneficial relationships. However, how far does honesty extend, are their limits or is full disclosure the standard protocol.

If you think about it for a minute your thought might be something along the lines of “Well, if its something important that affects both of us, then yes full disclosure applies. So by extension what do you think qualifies as important. Do health and financial issues fall under this serious umbrella? What about past relationships or skeletons in the family closet. What do you need to know and what can be left unsaid? Read More →

New Jersey Private InvestigatorThe hope is that no matter bad things get within a marriage, a couple will do their best to mend fences and create the best case scenario for their children to grow up in once divorce occurs. You may dislike or even distrust your ex, but hopefully despite your difference the children can flourish under the guidance of both parents,

So initially child custody is divided or split in a traditional manner. One loves their kids and the time you spend together. However, with a slight sense of perhaps guilt but also excitement, you somewhat look forward to those rare days when you have a chance to relax and maybe even attempt to dip your feet in the dating pool (divorce has made you newly single after all). For his part, your former spouse wasn’t a great husband (in hindsight). But, he seems like a good father and the kids don’t hesitate to spend time with him. Read More →

alimony-money-2About one half of marriages end in divorce. However, most individuals still enter into marriage believing that they as a couple will endure. With that  sense of hope individuals often make compromises for the betterment of their state as a couple. This is especially true in financial matters. Maybe it is agreed upon that one individual will sacrifice career and financial gain in order to maintain a hands on approach to parenting (especially when the kids are young). Perhaps, one is displeased with their current career and subsequently is encouraged is pursue a new passionate career path leading to additional schooling and debt.

These situations seem reasonable when the marriage is going well. However, one’s attitude may change when the marriage turns sour and the unfortunate end is in sight. Because not only will you have to augment your day to day base, your finances may be out of balance. This is large reason why alimony or spousal support is in place allowing for a temporary helpful situation because you or spouse may be depending on income that once was shared. Read More →

video-camera-lens-closeupAt first you may hope that your spouse truly is frequently getting caught up  working late and the stress from their job is unfortunately, but simply spilling over into other aspects of your life. You should try to be understanding and appreciative of that work effort after all, he/she is attempting to move up the career food chain as a means of improving your overall quality of life; so that you can move into a nicer home or go on vacations. Read More →

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