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Infidelity can be seen in large part as a reaction brought on by unresolved issues and miss-steps in a relationship. Here are a few suggestions of ways to monitor your relationship in a healthy fashion, and in doing so avoiding the need/desire to cheat.

  • Communication – Maintaining open lines of dialogue are extremely important. This will allow a couple to work through their issues and reinforce connections rather than creating distance between each other. Often times, this tension of unresolved issues can lead to searching out an alternative confidant when not expressed to each other.
  • Make Your Relationship a Priority – Any relationship is consistently/continuously evolving. Don’t put your relationship at risk by neglecting to care for it. Minor issues can accelerate into major issues if left unresolved/addressed. The alternative is to express concerns and changes as they occur. At the very least, spend a minute each day and think about the state of your relationship and whether you need to be more attentive.
  • Allocate Specific Time Together – In keeping with the priority strategy, create/schedule/allot private one-on-one time together. Focusing on your relationship, while momentarily shedding the daily routine and stresses will keep your interactions fresh, vibrant and personal. Express your appreciation both physically and emotionally. This shared intimacy will reinforce your feeling and build stronger bonds.
  • Try new things together – Create new memories and build on shared interests that you know you have. Giving something new a chance together and being open to the possibilities is key. While you may cherish nostalgia, it is just as important to live in the moment and expand one’s horizons. These new shared memories are what keep your relationship from becoming stale.
  • Don’t internalize your issues – Putting on a brave face and working through things on your own may seem like the mature way to handle things. However, realistically this could alienate your spouse and further complicate your problems. Open up, put the cards on the table and deal with it together.

Work on your relationship with your spouse. Allow it to grow and evolve over time. Address issues immediately rather letting them snowball out of control, and remember that it’s up to both of you to make your future as happy as your past.

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