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Divorce can be a shocking surprise; especially if you were disconnected from the relationship and failed to notice the warning signs that served as the precursor to the death of a relationship.

Being aware of the potential hazards and pitfalls of a failing relationship, could be the difference between working issues out and getting blindsided by your significant other. Below are a few characteristics or behaviors of dangerous relationship territory.

  • Silence – Communication is at the key component of a healthy relationship. It’s how we express both joy and distress, while opening up to each other to find common ground. If you can’t communicate with the person you’re closest to then something is clearly wrong. Silence thickens the longer it persists, creating a barrier and leading to resentment, insecurity, and even paranoia. Therefore nip it in the bud before it becomes too late.
  • Negativity – If you only communicate with your spouse via criticism and complaints, that isn’t much better than silence. The relationship started in a positive place; the shift to negativity could be caused by anxiety, stress, or a potential secret. Remember that while you can be each other’s sounding board, that doesn’t mean you should simply yell and release your anger towards one another.
  • Intimacy – What goes on in the bedroom can be a direct reflection of the relationship as a whole. If both parties aren’t on the same page, that physical spark may be thrown off. Disinterest for either party could be the reflection of a deeper, underlying issue.
  • Opponents – Partners in marriage are a team. Your accomplishments should be celebrated together. Likewise your problems should be tackled by a united front. When you become self-defensive and view your spouse as an enemy the results can be divisive.
  • Inactivity – Doing things together creates a bond early on, and it’s important to consistently nurture and reinforce that bond through new experiences. Inactivity can cause a dangerous disconnect, separating what your relationship is from what it used to be.

All relationships will go through up and downs. The important part is understanding how to approach situations and experiences together by keeping the lines of communication open. When concerns or problems materialize, it’s up to both of you to attack them together.

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