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All relationships will have its own issues.

The key is learning how to handle these problems in a constructive manner. Much like a physical ailment, if you can recognize the symptoms early, the easier they will be to remedy.

However, if you ignore the warning signs, the problems become more complicated and difficult fix.

Here are six of the most common marriage issues that lead to cheating.

  • Communication – This is truly the basis for any relationship, as we connect through conversation. We voice concern, compromise, vent, show appreciation and love through communication. Often times many problems can be squelched with a good heart-to-heart dialogue. However, keeping quiet leaves one’s spouse with unanswered questions and may build frustration and anxiety. This causes secretive action which may harbor resentment, and that trickles down into other aspects of your life. Often times, this is the precursor to seeking out another person to communicate with.
  • Sexual Misfiring – Physical intimacy is a crucial part of your connection as a couple. Not being on the same page can leave an individual feeling unattractive, rejected and alone. This can turn into fatigue, stress or body image issues that may cause a lack of sexual activity. Once again when things don’t seem right it is important to voice concern and talk it through. Because a lack of sexual activity could be a sign of or trigger infidelity.
  • Money Matters – We all need it, we work hard for it, so how we spend/use money matters. You and your spouse need to have a general plan or philosophy for how to treat financial situations. Where money is allocated and spent and what holds the top priorities. If you can’t agree on how and where money goes, or worse yet if money or debt is hidden, it will become an unbearable burden that becomes extremely divisive.
  • Household Duties– We each take on our share of work that needs to be accomplished. While there are elements of flexibility, it remains important for both partners to carry their fair share of the responsibility and also demonstrate appreciation for what your spouse does. This give and take is another important balancing act that often goes wrong, leading to bigger problems.

Difficulty doesn’t break a relationship, inaction does. Recognize the issues as they arise so that you can work through them rather than avoiding conflict.

Because if you won’t work with your spouse, they may look for someone else who will.

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